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Meet designer and co-founder Nisme Castro and co-founder Natan Felzensztein. Since she was a girl, Nisme has always been attracted to jewels and stones. She would always open her mother's jewelry trunk, wear them and even "make adjustments" to them. From here came the dream of having his own jewelry. Upon meeting Natan, they both decided to undertake together and make this dream come true. Together they took classes in goldsmithing, manufacturing, precious stones and everything related to jewelry.

ABYA was formally born in 2017 with the aim of creating modern and affordable jewelry. Jewels that were not only part of an outfit but of a lifestyle.


We are inspired by all the women of the world and their personal style. We are inspired by making jewelry that enhances the style and body of every unique woman in the world.

For us, the most important thing is that our jewelry accentuates the body of anyone who wears it. That accentuate your curves, your textures and your personal style. We create jewelry of all kinds so that they can be used in a thousand ways and thus become part of each woman.